Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate for your best skin

If you want good looking skin, Hydrate Hydrate, Hydrate this is what I took away from a brief chat with Parish Stapleton, one of the founders of skin product HydroSkinCare.

I have been using HydroSkin for a few years now and love the way the product makes my skin look and feel - I buy this product so that is probably its best endorsement -

PS: What do you feel about your appearance in regard to ageing

LG: Well I think I care less about my appearance in some ways, so it’s not about looking younger, but it is about looking healthier. I want to look healthy I want my skin to look alive And hydrated and clear but I’m not that worried about wrinkles.

PS: So, before you heard and started using Hydroskin did you think about your skin looking hydrated.

LG: Well I'm not sure, I but I have had people tell me how well I look since I started using the products.

PS: I don’t think people are aware of just how ageing having dehydrated skin is….we just don’t think about it. With appearance and ageing, what I have found, is, a lot of women get a bit frightened about their viability  in the workforce, with younger people coming up behind them.   Youth and enthusiasm next to the wisdom and experience, that our customers may have, plays into their desire to look younger. But I think you’re right the desire should be to look healthy not younger because you earned that experience and that wisdom so why not look the best you can in the skin you’re in? Why would you want to look different than the way you look?

LG: Well the truth is it doesn’t look authentic when you attempt to look younger.

PS: This is the sort of example we should be for the generation coming along behind us. We don’t seem to set the example anymore.

LG: But every industry tries to sell youth. You know if you sat down and talked to women over 50 their lives are very fulfilling. The one thing that distresses them, or most of them, is that it is a demographic that is just not seen or acknowledged, they should be the inspiration for younger women to just feel comfortable in their skin.

PS: Well time has conditioned us to be suspicious of skincare claims as they make false promises to restore youth. Faced with endless options and the next “new’ product that has all the answer, you are let down again and again. Usually, the more you spend, the higher the hopes and the harder the fall. This is not always the case. Skincare is not magic: it is nature with science. We have simplified skincare by making an uncomplicated range, HydroSkinCare. Each product has a unique function and works in harmony to produce visible results. We work with the very best ingredients available. They are natural, organic and scientifically advanced. You can be assured your skin is getting just what it needs to look and feel it’s very best. Skincare for real people with real results.


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