Human Wave – Venice – Virtual travel and Repost


One of our favorites things to do while travelling is to find a great café, have a possible vino or three, and sit and watch humanity walk by.

Venice was ideal for this because the main street is truly one of the longest shopping malls, and truly tacky. By 10am the human wave begins and only thins around 11pm.

On weekends and when a cruise ship pulls in and the follow that flag, crowds emerge and the wave is unrelenting.

Though still proudly known as La Serenissima, ‘the most serene’, Venice on a typical day is anything but. Overtourism is a major issue here. Once a thriving city, home to a large and proud population of Venetians and visited by writers, intellectuals and artists hungry for culture, Venice is now swamped by day trippers, who far outnumber overnight visitors and local residents.

Maybe The pandemic has given this enchanting city a little breather

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  1. Wonderful inspiration- I’m almost there!! Watching the world go by is the best simple pleasure, absolutely… lovely post xx

  2. Love these shots and completely agree with you – human wave watching is the best and you really captured it – loved being ‘virtually’ there, thanks.

  3. Absolutely love the human wave in Venice; as I wait for a bit of shirtfrontin’ in Sydney. jeune

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