How Women steer the line between inauthentic and old


A mouthful I know. This article came via my friend Fran and ‘https://theconversation.com/au”. This would be more your Frances McDormand approach to ageing than the various Ad campaign with the likes of Helen Mirren. However a very worthwhile chat to have. Some of us, as we age, would be happy to embrace the “inner dag” and should be allowed to feel happy with our choice of comfort over maintenance – one can start to feel like a vintage imported car thats in need constant service – time and cost are also considerations. I do think having women of our age in ad campaigns – remember they are ex models or actresses after all – should be age specific, at the very least, if they are going to try and sell us something. Jane Caro also gave a talk at a TedxSouthBank event called Growing Old: The Unbearable Lightness on Ageing.






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  1. ‘Appearance still remains important’, dye your hair or you’ll look too old, don’t be mutton dressed up as lamb (but surely that’s better than mutton dressed up as mutton…?) – it seems to me from this article that our attitudes to how women age have changed little.

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