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I decided to post “How to be a better listener” after the horror of Christchurch last week … maybe this is the one thing we can do to make this place a kinder, better place to live…

By Adam Bryant for the New York Times.

Listening can feel at times like a lost art, maybe because we are communicating so much more electronically. That’s too bad, because being a good listener can help you in every aspect of your life – with family and friends, and with your colleagues at work. Want to up your listening game? Here are some tips I’ve learned from conducting hundreds of interviews over a 30-year career in journalism.

Clear your mind
Turn off your phone (or put it away)
Turn away from monitors
React in the moment


Check email
Plan your answers in advance
Think about your upcoming schedule


Be empathetic

Know why you are talking

Be grounded




Bring an agenda


Nod encouragingly

Lean in


Cross your arms

Seem like you don’t care


Ask open-ended questions

Be interested

Learn one thing from everyone


Have the same conversation again and again

To read the full article….hit this link

This Ted talk from my friend and Iceberg swim buddy Colleen Champ…

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