Emily’s List helps Women into Government?

Would you like to see more women in Government? Go straight to Emily's List ( Link Below ) here you can donate directly to the women who are running for Labor. So the women get the money directly and don't have to wait for the party machine to hand it out.

Long-term Labor community and women's campaigner Leonie Morgan had seen the work of EMILY's List – an organisation established in the US in 1985 to fund campaigns for pro-choice Democratic women – and advocated strongly for the establishment of a similar network to support Australian progressive women candidates.

We have only six weeks until the NSW goes to the polls and only months until a Federal Election.

While you're there get yourself a Misogyny speech apron or tee towel, some Rosie the Riveter socks ... a spot on Joan Tote or some Empowermints


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  1. EMILY’s List Is such a fabulous organisation and it’s wonderful to be able to easily find good, worthy women candidates who we can directly support. Especially those in marginal seats.

    Thanks Lorrie

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