Housekeeping……….how we love THAT word…….

HELLO…………here I was waiting for the chat to start……….no comments…….but emails from the blog….what the!!!!!

So very sorry, my fault…….had the, not unsubstantial, setting in the wrong mode – so when you wanted to leave a comment someone asked you to log in – happy answer is – no you don’t.

I have re-set the settings so your comment will come to me, yes I get to approve the comment ……. but unless you are a complete nut job, every comment will be posted…good/bad/indifferent……

I do welcome all comments.


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  1. Hi Lorrie, Congratulations on a beautiful, full of surprises blog. Love it all, but being the animal tragic I am, really, I loved Audrey’s story, and the beautiful dog with ‘heterochromia iridum’, which I found out from doing the quiz in the Saturday paper is the posh name for people (and dogs) with different coloured eyes. Looking forward to the continued new posts, delightful!

  2. Lorrie, loving ALL your posts. My fave so far is the one on the wonderful Jeune Pritchard, but I also loved the mushroom soup (so let’s categorise that as: the sublime to the delicious). Keep it coming. We’re out here, lapping it up.

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