Holy Spring Temple – Ubud

A selection of images from the Holy Spring Temple in Monkey Forest, Ubud


In all the years visiting Ubud I had never visited the Monkey Forest, I had thought it was all about the monkeys, and they had been described as rather badly behaved.

Dewi Paglia from Ananda Cottages insisted we visit her mother’s favourite Temple, the Holy Spring Temple, in the middle of the Monkey Forest.

It is beautiful, moss covered giant lizard sculptures jut out of the rock walls overhanging the spring fed creek, a large deep fish pond.

Mrs. Panglia remembers, as a child , hanging onto the roots of the trees to cross the creek, now there is a dragon bridge. You will have to negotiate the monkeys who are extremely badly behaved running away with whatever they can get their hands on.


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  1. I have a delightful photograph of Janet Willis with a monkey sitting on her head, taken at the Monkey Forest in 1982. No prizes for guessing the look on her face.

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