The Historical Hilton Hotel, Havana, Cuba

The Historical Hilton Hotel now know as Hotel Habana Liibre in Havana, Cuba oozes history. Castro made it his headquaters in 1959. Its Mad Men era interiors have recently been updated © Lorrie Graham

Do Visit The Historical Hilton Hotel in Havana, Cuba. You will feel like you have just walked onto the set of the TV series Mad Men, go with it. Sit down and have Martini adjust your Ray Bans soak it up.


In March 1958 under the Batista regime, Conrad Hilton – that would be Paris’s great grandfather – opened the Habana Hilton.

The 25 floor tower with 500 rooms and a casino was the largest hotel in Latin America at the time. It was designed by the same US architect as the Beverly Hilton Hotel in LosAngeles.

The following year Castro set up his provisional headquarters in the building for several months. According to a history of the hotel , his office was in Suite 2324. the Hotel was nationalised and became the Hotel Havana Libre .

The Foyer and the various bars in the Hilton Hotel or Hotel Habana Libre have recently been refurbished. The decor was not changed from the late 1950’s style. So style nerds this is a must visit.

We didn’t stay here so I can’t speak for the rooms. The Hotel is a-go-to for local cuban families who pay a day fee to use the pool. So optimal people watching.

We visited this hotel several times, the Wi Fi was sensational….you will understand how important this is when you visit Cuba, if you don’t want o spend hours in a queue waiting outside a telco office, this is one very comfortable option….you’ll probably have to settle in with a cocktail poor buggers.

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  1. This was such a wonderful place to visit – like entering a time warp. Indeed, all style geeks should visit here, the refurbishment is just fantastic, as were the cocktails while using the internet.

    Another MUST DO if visiting Havana.

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