Hilary or Bernie

Hilary Clinton

image by Annie Leibovitz

This article in the New York Times by Maureen Dowd helps explain the desertion of young women from the Hilary camp to the Bernie camp. It’s something that has had me wondering.

My dream ticket would be Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren….I admire Elizabeth Warren for her stand on Wall Street, I don’t know that much about Bernie but he is very plain speaking and direct about what ails America….but I live in Australia where I get to pick between a Malcolm or a Bill!


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  1. So we have Hilary in the guise of Malcolm.

    But where o where is our Bernie ? Someone who will say what he or she thinks ?

    PK, please come back.

    *As Olivia Sauer, an 18-year-old college freshman who caucused for Bernie Sanders in Ames, Iowa, told a Times reporter: “It seems like he is at the point in his life when he is really saying what he is thinking. With Hillary, sometimes you get this feeling that all of her sentences are owned by someone.”

    Hillary started, both last time and this, from a place of entitlement, as though if she reads her résumé long enough people will surrender. And now she’s even angrier that she has been shown up by someone she considers even less qualified than Obama was when he usurped her place.*

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