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There will be a protest outside Downing Centre today at 10am-11am to support Glenys Waddell who was arrested for “aggravated trespass’ or just trying to save the trees in her beloved Sydney Park.

Glenys and her dog Gwen use the park everyday. She was arrested while trying to stop the pointless destruction of the park by WestCONnex. Under new, hash and unheard of, except maybe under President Trump, anti protest laws bought in by Baird and now carried forward by Gladys, Glenys is looking at a very large fine.

If you have the time come down a support this courageous and wonderful woman.

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  1. I will be present in the Court today, all day if necessary, to support Glenys. I expect her case to be dealt with quickly, and I have made a lunch date with her to celebrate an early dismissal. Glenys is non a law breaker. She is a gentle person with a passion for the environment, particularly the environment at Sydney Park.

  2. How sad that a wonderful and passionate woman such as Glenys can be so unfairly arrested during a completely peaceful demonstration. The Baird Government laws against peaceful protest (with their enormous attached fines) should be immediately repealed.

    Rethink, Gladys. Not just these draconian was, but the whole Westconnex project.

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