One of the reasons I wanted to do this blog, was I just got sick of waiting for the – once a year – Age Issue of Vogue. Only to be disappointed when the fashion editorial team decide to use 15 year old models to show 60 year olds what to wear!

I would very much like to see and read about women my age…….. 60 in December. Ageing gracefully – disgracefully, finding that sweet spot.

You’ll see from the categories the various areas of interest I will try and cover.

There is no unstated agenda, everything that appears on this blog is because I love it, have been there or someone I trust has. If there is ever a collaboration with anyone or with any of the products /places I link to I will let you know. I think we are too old to be bought.

I was going to use the word conversation however that word appears to have been hijacked by the PR/spin crowd in the same way journey went a few years ago, so lets just say chat, I would love your feedback and ideas …. let me know what works, lets keep the communication open and fluid.

Introducing today my regulars; Anon – husband, Audrey – cat? And later this week LA Darl – best friend. Also coming up this and next week is one of my style inspirations Jeune Pritchard and her musings on being a 70 year old.

There will be lots of travel, one of my great loves. Anon and I spent a month in Bali this year (multiple posts in the next month) and are about leave for Europe.

I will also be having a sticky beak in other people’s houses.

Health and Beauty – well lets be honest the most important thing is our health, we need to keep moving and who knew….we are what we eat!. Beauty can be found everywhere, but some of us just like a bit of cream to help it along.

So welcome and I hope you enjoy the blog.


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