Hello 2015

Moon rising out to sea, Villa Campuhan, East Bali



In 2015 I hope for an authentic presence to food. “We tend to either overthink or underthink our relationship with food, either compulsively documenting our dinner or disregarding it altogether by wolfing down salads at our desks. The beauty of eating lies in its ephemeral nature, and the process deserves to be distraction-free so we can enjoy those brief moments to their full potential. Food is experienced only briefly. To experience a raspberry fresh from the garden requires experiential knowledge of when to pick it, receptivity to the moment it is tasted and timely appreciation of its flavours and textures. We must be fully present in the moment”.

This is an excerpt from “Authentic Presence to Food” an essay by Professor Deane Curtin that was originally published in Cooking, Eating, Thinking: Transformative Philosophies of Food in 1992.

I also hope to jump into the ocean more often, appreciate the smallest of kindnesses. Hold my friends and most loved ones close. Be thankful that someone is still paying me to do thing I love the most …… and travel.


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