Have you tried walking Meditation for your Mental Health?

The Power Of Nature. The myriad health benefits of the great outdoors are much lauded. Here’s how to harness the magical power of nature, even with little or no access to outside space.

Increasingly popular all over the world, meditation is scientifically proven to positively impact our mental health. Yoga teacher and co-author of e-book Self-Care for Self-Isolation, Nadia Narain, describes walking meditation as ‘a traditional Buddhist practice where you take a small path and walk up and down that path’. Narain explains that it is important to ‘take each step mindfully, noticing your foot as it meets the earth and lifts for the next step – it is traditionally done very slowly.’ The aim? To synchronise the body and mind as we walk, in order to gently bring ourselves into the present. The benefits are myriad: ‘The slower pace helps to calm the mind and the nervous system,’ says Narain. When it is not possible to walk outside, the practice can be done anywhere – ‘The path is small. The length of the living room will suffice; a yoga mat.’ Take slow, deliberate steps, scanning the body and focusing on the movement. ‘It’s exactly the same as sitting meditation, except you are taking small, mindful steps and paying close attention to your breath and each step,’ Narain explains.

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