Happy Birthday Jeune Pritchard – Style Icon!

My gorgeous friend Jeune Pritchard turned 77 yesterday, she is for me a true style icon and wonderfully inspirational woman. Happy Birthday Jeune XX

Below were her musing's on turning 70 when she was still working at SBS. She has since moved to Braidwood and finished her PHD on Genicide a subject - among many others - that enraged her after covering the Rwanda Genicide

"Because people who are now 50 and 60 may well work till they are 70, and they probably never envisaged they’d do it either. It seems fine. I’m not wearing elastic topped pants and white polyester, or anything. I do like to think that I don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb. My mother loathed women who were mutton dressed as lamb. You have a greater ease with the clothes you wear and how you are in the world and with people you work with, although, I do think the blokes think it’s a bit odd, even blokes I like a lot, and I’ve known for years who work in the same industry. I do think they think it’s a bit odd a woman of 70 working, they laugh and joke and all that but I do think they think it’s a bit odd someone as old as me is still working.

These are guys with feminist wives, and all of that, its not even a discomfort, I feel at ease enough with some old blokes that I work with, I’m not sure maybe they do feel a slight discomfort, maybe its because their mothers didn’t work.

I think young women have a different attitude now to what I would have when I was working in my 20’s. The young women I work with who are in their early or late 20’s they don’t see it as particularly odd that they work with a woman who is 70, they just don’t.

Do you think that some of these young women look at you as some sort of style inspiration?

Well you know I’m as old as their parents, and I think kids are easier about it, these kids are easier about it than I would have been when I was 23 or 25 working with some old sheila. I’m older than the baby boomers I’m at the far end and there is a whole bunch of those women and men who are still working and look great and who haven’t lost their minds or become casualties to drugs or booze there is a tidal wave of these people coming through and I’m just a bit ahead of that.

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  1. Loved this profile Lorrie , wonderful vibrant woman , still working and loved her style and attitude to life. Your photographs capture all of her and more

  2. Happy birthday Jeune ❤️ Beautiful shots of a fabulously stylish intelligent woman ! xx

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