Handmade +Elegant+Unique clothes, Lakshmi

Lakshmi is a unique store a one off. It's owner and one of the designers Lakshmi Pillai opened the store two years ago, it has recently moved to 94 Queen Street Woollahra

This is what Lakshmi says about itself ...

Lakshmi features carefully curated one of a kind limited pieces that are modern yet capture the timeless traditional beauty of hand craft. Each product is exquisitely handmade to showcase texture, quality and skilled craftsmanship that tell a unique story of unassuming elegance. Our vision is to present ethically produced traditional pieces in unconventional silhouettes.

A few things they don't say... one of the charms of visiting Lakshmi is Lakshmi herself, her warmth and charm and pride in her store are worth the visit alone. You have to feel these fabrics and look closely at the detail, such beautiful work.

The clothes are perfect for swaning about ... how I look forward to a swan...this extended Australian summer hols. Also something to note, if the clothes don't fit exactly, measurements are taken and your very own will be produced in 4 weeks. While there check out the small selection of homewares ... perfect Christmas presents.

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