Hanayashiki, Japan’s oldest Amusement Park – Tokyo

A mere 5 minutes walk from Asakusa station in Tokyo you will find Japan's oldest Amusement Park, Hanayashiki. This quaint old world Park started life as a flower market but now finds itself squeezed between tower blocks.

When it comes to retro and old-school ‘situations’, there is a weird beauty that can’t be otherwise explained. That’s exactly what happens with Japan’s oldest amusement park (operating since 1853!), Hanayashiki, that features about 20 kinds of attractions.

   The park’s mascot is the cute panda, and there are actually go-carts called Panda cars that probably exist only in Japan. A more relaxed Ninja training course is provided for the curious ones who wish to learn escape techniques and swordplay, while crab fishing is another charming peculiarity of this place.


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