Gure Txoko, Basque Club, Darlinghurst

Our friends Chris King and Arnold Frolows have discovered this wonderful little club Gure Txoko, The Basque club right on their doorstep or on the corner of their lane in Darlinghurst.

This post is from a few years back… but its interesting to check out what might be sitting right under your nose.

Check out their website…. Sunday lunch every week.

The Basque club has been here for 60 years. But with an ageing membership they have decided to open the club for lunch on Sundays. The fixed 3 course lunch is cooked by volunteers and will set you back $25. Opens at 2pm and you must book.

ph : 9331 5712
344 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst

The food is not the drawcard, it is, as it often is, the people. You are stepping into the warm and welcoming embrace of the Basque people who are more than delighted to explain the history of their Gure Txoko  club.

If you feel up to it – post lunch – check out the fabulous hand ball court out back of the club

This review
Unassuming is an understatement in regards to Gure Txoko where we are greeted by a locked door. My dining companion throws me a sideways glance. We knock. We wait. I nervously check my booking. Suddenly the door swings open and it seems we have stumbled upon secret Basque business. The tiny dining room (the only room) is warm and welcoming – adorned floor to ceiling with insignia, pelota trophies and portraits of past club members. Pull up a chair at a communal table and mingle with Basque families and seasoned locals on their weekly pilgrimage. Lunch is only served on Sundays and $25 will get you a traditional three-course Basque lunch prepared by member volunteers, possibly involving chicken braised in tomato with garlic potatoes. (A word of warning and an answer to the locked door mystery: only members of the club are allowed to answer the door to visitors, as a patron is scornfully reminded on this occasion.)


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  1. I am definitely checking out this amazing sounding Basque club next time I’m in Sydney. The sharing of cultures helps make communities special. Great photos too.

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