The Grumpy Baker – new in King St, Newtown

While I was away at Bluesfest, Anon seems to have found a new favourite breakfast/lunch spot. The Grumpy Baker is a new café in Newtown but not in Sydney, they can be in several suburbs.

You will be able to tell from this blog that it has become a fast favourite. Breakfast all day, early opening. Bread and pastries cooked on site. There is much to like.

There are Turkish influences and delightful friendly staff.

We often have bets on how long places will stay open in King Street, we think this is a stayer.

Corner of Mary and King street, Newtown. Opens at 7am

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  1. This is a very dangerous new find given my girth and the necessity to lose a significant number of kilos. But you CAN keep it healthy with a little discipline, staff are lovely, great atmosphere.

    Wanting to do some breakfasts there with local friends on a lazy weekend day.

    Any comers ?

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