Grey or Gray is the New Blonde – Documentary

Grey or Gray ( depending on where you live )is the New Blonde Documentary was suggested by my friend Lisa Sharkey. Thank you Lisa. This blog has done a few posts on the subject, and a true inspiration for my own embracing the grey was the gorgeous Leslie Stern ( below )

This is what the film blurb says and this is a link to the trailer.

Gray Is The New Blonde  is an inspiring documentary whose time has come.  En masse women all across the world are choosing to “ditch the dye” and embrace their gorgeous grays. This film sets out to share many of their inspiring stories providing an in-depth look as to why they chose to go gray, on purpose and what they discovered about themselves as well as  others and society at large along the way.

Women with gray hair have long been regarded as old and done, no longer attractive, sexy or a valuable member of society. That has begun to change, and this film  will serve as a historical account of this cultural shift. It will explore how the world has negatively viewed women with gray hair, for decades and more importantly how this is changing. No more are we “washing the gray right out of our hair,” instead we are seeing women of all ages and on every continent boldly and confidently embrace their silver crown and in the process,  discover their authentic selves. Many have said it’s the most freeing thing they’ve ever done, and their only regret is that they wished they had done it sooner.

This paradigm shift deserves and needs to be documented.  It is a movement that is fast becoming  the fabric of our history and bigger than ourselves. We are all participating in  history.

We ARE leaders of a new path!

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  1. I have been grey so long I don’t recall when I was not grey agree Wendy, it was a lonely place for a woman amongst friends ( like being a woman who does not wear makeup). Too funny it is now trendy and the subject of a doco!

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  2. Great to see this. Years ago when I went grey in my fifties, I felt a bit alone as many others continued to dye their hair. Then I went to Denmark and saw so many women who looked like me with straight grey hair. I’m glad it’s changing because it’s uncomfortable to be constantly watching for undyed roots. Women cling onto dye because they feel that people will start treating them as ‘old’ but embracing grey hair is part of changing that as well.
    Thanks for the post-Lorrie.

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