Goodbye and Goodnight Remembering David Lyle

David Lyle, Televison Executive, Sydney, 1999, my dear friend, died Friday

This is a repost, it has been three years since David died, I think its so important to remember people who you care about. Miss you Dave.

My dear friend David Lyle died on Friday. I am heartbroken. I truly believe we will not see his like again, born with Matinee good looks and the charm of Cary Grant he stepped lightly and deftly through a cut throat TV industry with his tongue firmly placed in-cheek.

We met over 40 years ago, introduced by my, then boyfriend, Patrick Cook. He and partner – in the true meaning of the word and in every aspect of life – Janne Dennehy became firm friends.

They entertained like no other couple I had met, taking a house for the summer at Palmie or Whalie where we spent days lounging and laughing ……. a good Pimms in hand, music …… there was alway music. Generous to their core.

I have so many stories about times spent with David and Janne … but this one always stands out for the pure joy we both experienced.

David was producing a special with Michael Parkinson in London on “Gender Benders.” ….. always so ahead of the curve … hanging out with Boy George and his friends at The Mud Club. I was on leave from the National Times and also in London, he asked if I’d take some stills. There are stories from those weeks that will have to wait for the book, however one night Dave managed to get some tickets to a Van – the man – Morrison concert. We were both devoted fans. The concert was a bit of a disaster – in that – Van never faced the audience … once, played to his band …. all night. But we were in pig heaven because we could sit in comfortable seats with a good bottle of wine, smoke and we were in the same room as the man.

Dave also loved clothes and was incredibly stylish, one could say a latter day Dandy. Here is a post on the right way to wear a pocket hankie we did a few years back.

He loved Angophora gums, art, sitting with his water colours, the ocean, Benaud and Grieg cricket bantering, travel, Italy, a good red, music music music, his kids Polly, Sam and Jo and their beautiful pod of grandkids…..and above all Janne.

Love you and miss you Dad x

PS. May be a lasting legacy would be how he helped with Virginia Bell’s journey from barrel girl to the High Court…. read about it here




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    1. Lorrie you achieved the impossible and did him justice… truly a fitting tribute, elegant and eloquent, just like David…

  1. I was in the main street of Cooma on Saturday when I heard the news about Dave. Though I knew he hadn’t been well, it came as a shock. What a handsome, urbane, charming, funny and all-round nice guy. Vale David Lyle and best wishes for the next bit …

  2. Vale the louche David Lyle. He was always a class act. A powerhouse in the commercial television world. In his own unique way he fitted among the beer swilling, pig shooting mob he worked with in Sydney. Around Dave, you wished your teeth were whiter, your skin clearer, your bum didn’t sag, your nose wasn’t fleshy, and that you’d spent the money on a pair of flash but discreet shoes. A very smart, very good looking man. Of the fray but above it. Vale Dave Lyle.

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