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I’ve decided to add a new element to the blog …. Going local.

When I travel I put a lot of effort into finding places, to eat, stay, shop and meet some interesting locals. Why don’t I put the same effort into finding interesting places and people at home … in my own suburb?

So this is the new element, my area is Newtown in Sydney I’m also looking at Enmore and Erskineville – because I can walk to them – I’ll do some posts on the things I love about where I live. I would love to hear from you – all ideas and  suggestions welcome – markets, cafes, shops, great swimming pools, even buildings or Mavis who has been running the corner store for 40 years. Has anyone got a bathhouse in their area, like the Korean one we lost in the cross?  I’d love to know about where you live and what you love about it, let us in on your secrets. I’ll try to get out do some posts on them …… don’t worry if it’s in the bush, interstate or OS – you know I’ll take any excuse to travel. Thanks.


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