Goggle Marks


I’m a swimmer. I can’t remember a time when a pair of damp speedos and the whiff of chlorine haven’t been within Coo Eee. But as the years marched on I couldn’t help but notice it was taking the goggle marks longer and longer to disappear.

There is nothing sadder – well there are many things sadder – than desperately searching for a reason not to take off your sunglasses!

Enter the Barracuda goggle, I honestly can’t remember where I discovered them, but I don’t go anywhere without them. OK you might look a bit like Mr. McGoo, but you’ll have your head in the water.

I have to replace mine and was very tempted by the Hyrobat, but the ones, that will keep the marks at bay, are The Standard.



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  1. I’m also a swimmer Lorrie – and next time I come home I’m bringing you a tube of Trihard Pre & Post Swim Eye Gel – just for you to have in reserve. Love a goggle recco, I’ve been using Speedo Vanquishers the past few years but yes, the goggle marks are pretty brutal at times. Will definitely order a pair of Barracudas – thank you. 🙂

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