Glass Et Cetera – Crown Street – Surry Hills

Glass Et Cetera, Crown Street, Surry Hills

This is a wonderful place to look for Christmas presents...

Glass Et Cetera on Crown Street, Surry Hills is one of the shops I felt needed it's own post, when Tina and I did our Be a Tourist at Home on Crown Street earlier this year.

Glass Et Cetera was opened by owner Jenny during the first covid lockdown in Sydney. Looking to go back to her creative roots and restless with her corporate job she decided to combine her passion for art history, floristry and glass.

Jenny has bought style and colour to Surry Hills with her beautiful little space. Glass Et Cetera shop is now also online.

On Saturday's Jenny buys flowers from my favourite florist at Carriageworks market, Jonima Flowers and makes at cost arrangements for the locals.

Stop by and hang out have a conversation, I could have stayed all day ... talking about the local area, flowers, clothes Jenny has managed to build something pretty special  out of the ashes of Covid. Oh and before you leave, check out the little collection under the window at the back of the shop...treasures Jenny isn't yet ready to let go of ... stunning!

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