Gladys destroys the homes of Possums – Euston Rd.

Yesterday morning, Gladys and her little helpers “Get Lopped” destroyed the homes of possums along Euston Road.

With her mates at WestCONnex and RMS she also made the lives of the people who live in the apartments along Euston Rd intolerable.

The road will leave only 1.8 metres between the apartments and cars. This is surely illegal.

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  1. This is terrible for the residents. I heard the building will have to be artificially ventilated to avoid pollution. How come cars are so highly valued by NSW government? More than people? More than health?

  2. I grew up on Pennant Hills road, a 4 lane (2 in each direction) road that had a similar width footpath in front of our property line. Most years we got a car, sometimes a truck, crashing into our front yard, Fortunately our house was about 3 or 4 metres back from the front fence. Our front yard was repeatedly filled with crumbed windscreen glass which I remember being fascinated by after getting home from school (the crashed vehicles had always been removed by then).
    The section of road where we lived was on a very gentle curve, and I wonder to this day how it was possible for cars to mount the kerb, cross the footpath and crash through our fence which was raised up a foot or so above the footpath on a stone retaining wall. But they managed it with surprising regularity.
    The children in the flats in Alexandria whose bedrooms will now be exposed to the same kind of accidents, on a wider road where drivers will be encouraged to drive faster as they race to make the time savings promised but not deliverable by WestConnex, are in serious danger of being injured or killed thanks to the criminal negligence of Premiers O’Farrell, Baird and now Berejiklian, all of whom are culpable for foisting the fraud that is the WestConnex scam on Sydney’s residents and drivers, knowing full well that its stated benefits will never be realised, and its enormous costs have been deliberately understated to deceive the public whose taxes have been stolen away from legitimate programs to fund it.

    1. Post

      Anon here – Obviously have to agree with everything you have said John. That narrow 1.8 metres from the edge of the roadway to the apartment building frontage looks even more horrific now that the trees have been removed. Seriously, just who will take responsibility if a double B or cement truck or bus or any other heavy vehicle runs off the road ?

      This is a new benchmark for the breathtaking arrogance that is this mad Westconnex project. What happened to Citizen’s rights ? To Democracy ?

  3. Totally illegal. There is no way any other company, rather, political party, will get away with this.

  4. Thanks for including the photo of the mute cop. How anyone can silently stand there in the middle of blatantly illegal activity and ignore the protests of the people who will be so shockingly affected by this is beyond me.

    Great post, Lorrie. Keep ’em coming!

  5. How on earth can it be ‘legal’ for a 7 lane, hight traffic 70,000 cars a day, road to come within 2 metres of peoples front doors, windows, balconies, and kids bedrooms ?

    How can it be legal to apparently have no reinforced barriers at the side of this roadway – to nowhere but a traffic jam – leaving open the possibility of a double B ruling directly into a child’s bedroom or someone’s living room ?

    How can it be legal to have a private corporation build this mad Westconnex completely unaccountable and hidden behind a legal veil that circumvents normal governance and transparency in the use of $18 + billion of taxpayers funds ?

    Come on Gladys and Mr Ayres, wake up to the fact that NSW is meant to be a democracy : hit the pause button, and set up a full review and investigation of all aspects of this scandalous and inhumane project.

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