Get off the Lounge … start training with Joan

Training with Joan. Hard is not impossible. We have been following the odyssey of Joan via Instagram. We confess that all we know about her is what we are reading in her feed. But what a feed it is.

From what we can gather, Joan was a couch potato her entire life. At around the age of 70, she decided to start lifting weights and get fit. In ten months, her weight came down from 198lbs to 149lbs. She is now strong, seriously strong as in able to do sets of unassisted pullups, lift heavy weights.

As a result, she has changed her entire body. The before and after. We are sharing this because it is important to know that it is never too late. What Joan did is probably considered impossible by much of the medical community. They would have advised some gentle mall walking, not 200lb deadlifts. But this sort of transformation is possible; one just has to want to do it. It requires overcoming all manner of physical and mental barriers, but it can be done. We can only do what we can imagine is possible. Taking on a challenge like this at 70 is a whole other matter than at 30.

We have seen people fit at 70 and 80, but this is the first time we have seen a woman undergo a transformation like this at Joan’s age. She seems to have had a lot of help from her daughter, who is a training coach. Smart move, Joan. Get some outside expert help. There is a skill to training like this, and if one has never done it, please get yourself someone to help out. There is a rhythm to when to lift, when to recover, how hard to go, and when to back off. With correct guidance, perseverance and grit, we can do some pretty amazing things. Just look at Joan.

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