Gertrude Street – Unique Precinct – Fitzroy – Melbourne


I only had a two beer wander of Gertrude Street  in Fitzroy. That is ... Anon finds a pub he likes and is willing to sit with two beers while I take in the street ....so by no means an in-depth look. Brunswick and Smith Streets are very close and worth a look also.

The people walking the streets of Fitzroy tell the story of the shops you will find there. Pre-loved fashion has found its home here. Shopfronts display a mixture of art, design, bookshops (new and second-hand), on-trend fashion, local designers and much that is a little unusual. From a new bike to a new haircut, Fitzroy provides you with options. Here are some of my top picks.

Australian porcelain ceramic brand Mud are here the beautiful fragrance brand Le Labo have opened just down the road The Hub General Store,
The Standard ...this street demands more than a two beer wander


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  1. This is our favourite area too. Nice little wine bars in Smith St when we were there last time.

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