Gemstones and the Zodiac @ Jewels on Queen

On Saturday afternoon I spent a delightful couple of hours at Jewels On Queen learning the connection between gemstones and zodiac signs. This soriee will be on for another four days see dates below.

The salon takes a limited number, five in all, so book early. My session was shared with the fabulous Linda Jackson and her gorgeous friend Milena Quansa, both wore indigo, their bond and friendship obvious even in their readings. You will leave with a mantra….mine ” Through meeting my desires with courage I uncover my most authentic self”  now lives permanently on the fridge!

Jeweller and astrologer Sheridan Kennedy Phd. has been exploring the connection between gemstones and zodiac signs since 1997, her in-store series of workshops focusing on the “Goddess planet” Venus. “For me, gemstones and astrology combine perfectly to support us in the fine art of being ourselves.”, ​says Kennedy.

​“In these workshops we will look at the position of Venus at the time of each of our births to determine which gemstone enhances our Venusian self”​. Astrologically speaking, the goddess Venus invites us to recognise the gift that we already are by developing creativity, harmonious relationships and an abundance of all things good!

Chocolate and chai will be served as we peruse some fabulous gems and other jewellery from Jewels on Queen vault.

Goddess Gem Groups (max 5) $55/pp

6pm – 8pm Wednesdays in July ( 17, 24)

2pm – 4pm Saturdays in July

( 20, 27) Enquiries and bookings:

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