Frida Kahlo: Feminist, Selfie Queen, Style Muse

Images from the Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as 'The Blue House', located in the Colonia de Carmen neighbourhood at Coyoacam in Mexico City. Lifelong home of Frida Kahlo

In another part of Casa Azul, the Museum dedicated to the life and art of Frida Kahlo the Feminist, Selfie Queen and Style Muse, you will find articles of clothing, the Kahlo corsets – worn after a bus crash in 1925 that left her with a broken spinal column – which are among the most consistently referenced elements of her attire are on display here.

The beauty of this Museum are the layers and layers of detail, you get a real sense of the life lived by Frida and Diego.

What is it about Frida Kahlo? More than 60 years after her death the radical Mexican artist, who is remembered above all for her searing self-portraits, is being celebrated on the catwalk and setting the cultural agenda. When a bracelet with the artist’s face on it is spotted on the wrist of Theresa May, as happened at the recent Conservative party conference, Kahlo-mania can safely be said to have entered the mainstream.

In high fashion, Kahlo’s influence can be felt in the maximalism of Alessandro Michele’s heady Gucci aesthetic. For autumn/winter 2017 that meant florals and bold bows, ruffles and clashing, all in keeping with Kahlo’s love of excess; rings, flowers and embroidery. You can read more here Frida influences here ….


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  1. Great photos Lorrie and definitely worth two posts – love that woman and her place looks a must visit, thank you…

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