Fonda – Mexican food – Park Slope – New York

Loved the food here so much we went twice. This was highly recommended by our friend Sadhbh Walshe and so popular we had a table a 9.30pm.

The restaurant is owned and run by a wonderful mexican couple. The food is authentic and fabulous.

You will find another two “Fondas” on Manhattan so no need to trek out to Park Slope …. but the staff here might be worth the trip.



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  1. Hey Sadhbh, it was back to Park Slope, not Manhattan …… we have a friend going to New York any minute who is going to book, but for the life of me I have forgotten just what we had that night, apart from the very best guacamole ever ? Prawns ? Pork with that rich black sauce ?

  2. Lorrie! those photos are making me salivate! what a wonderful night we had there in my local. when you returned was it to the manhattan place or park slope? i’ve only ever been in the latter. xxx

  3. This is the best Mexican food I have ever had ….. completely different to the Mexican food I have had in Australia, which frankly has always seemed a bit pedestrian. It was a great atmosphere (if a little noisy) and a lot of fun, superb service, beautiful wine selection. A great night with Sadhbh …… so great that we had to go back again when we returned to New York after Cuba and Mexico ….. and the food was still the best.

    A must go restaurant if in New York.

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