First impressions Havana, Cuba #2

20161228 Havana Streets and General

We spent a lot of our time in Havana looking at this view from various angles. The view is from the very first roof top bar we visited, most hotels have them I’ll let you Know my pick of the best in the weeks to come….

Reaction to Trump’s announcement about Cuba …..in New York Times..hit the link



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  1. We went to this rooftop bar a couple of times ….. first night in Havana, and the start of a New Years bar hop through old Havana ending up in La Floridita and then onto Van Vans for an extraordinary meal and blues jazz ….. there are a lot of wonderful posts coming up tracking our trip through Cuba.

    Keep posted to Lorrie’s blog, or better still, SUBSCRIBE in top right Corner and the blog link will lob in each morning ….

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