Feminist to her Core -Isabel Allende

Isabel Allende will appear on Q & A this Thursday night. and at the Opera House via video link for the All About Women festival.

Isabel Allende is a prolific writer and lifelong feminist, she will map the movement across continents, cultures, and centuries. Discuss what incredible things we have achieved, and what we must we keep fighting for?

In a recent interview in the GW with Benjamin Law she talked about her age, she will turn 80 in two years.

" I feel great! My body has served me well. Every day I have a class of something - Gyrotonic which is similar to Pilates, or stretching and I walk the dogs every morning, fast. I don't take many pill hardly any vitamins. I eat normally, trying to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. People say " Oh, you look so well" Well, it takes money and discipline.

This from the Huff Post

I got married at 19 years old and had kids by age 21. My husband got a scholarship and we went to Europe with our oldest daughter Paula. Then, in my early 20s, I read The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer, in English, with a dictionary. Here was articulate language, with humor, expressing what I had felt all my life. I couldn’t believe it. I started reading like crazy. I realized that this movement was going on. When I came back to Chile, I was pregnant with my second child.

For the first time in Chile people were talking and reading about things like virginity, abortion, domestic violence, contraception, drugs, and early pregnancy. All the stuff that was hidden under the table and never spoken of was exposed. A young woman I didn’t know—she was around my age but brought up in Europe and the United States—was creating the first women’s magazine in Chile. It was a feminine, glossy magazine, like Elle, but with a feminist take. She read a letter that I wrote to my mother at some point and said, “Do you want to work for us?” While working for the magazine I became a real feminist because I knew what I was talking about and was able to publish.

I can’t remember a time when I have not been a feminist. I’m very proud of it. And yet, it’s not enough. There are still countries in the world where women will be executed for adultery, where it is illegal to be a woman. And I know that now some young women don’t want to be called feminists. Find another word, because we still have a lot to do.

Looking forward to this on HBO


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