Carriagework’s Farmers Market reopens this Saturday

A typical day at the fantastic Farmers Markets at Carriageworks, Darlington (near Newtown), Sydney

This is a repost. So pleased to post that the Carriageworks Farmers Market will reopen this coming Saturday ( 8th of August) There are restrictions in place so please check their website below.

I go to Carriagworks Farmers Market most Saturday mornings. I have a routine and favourite producers. I get to the market just before it opens at 8am, if you leave it too late you just drive around or sit and wait for a park.

I can get my shop done in about half an hour and then meet my friends Alison and Stephen at 8.30 am for coffee.....( they are travelling so the routine is on pause) Some mornings the numbers grow with other friends, even Anon makes the occasional appearance. We buy our coffee at Colombian Connection ( Newtown end of the shed) the line will be long, you can bring your own cup.

Alison and Stephen buy a treat from Flour and Stone.

After our coffee I collect my flowers from Jonima Flowers ( Redfern end) and because I have usually bought more flowers than I can carry Mark Pace carries them to my car. That is service....



Here are the producers I love at the markets...

Yalla - Soups Dips and The Best Chocolate Mousse.


Maya Sunny Honey - I get the honey with saffron.


The Good Garlic Guy - Garlic and Potatoes


May Farm Flowers - Buckets of Roses


Moobi Valley Farm - rump and Eye


Romeo's Fine Food - Pork Italian Sausages, Apple Cider and pork sausages


Two Good Co - I like the message, still to try their produce.


The Fungi - mushrooms ( go figure 1 )

Zavaglias Gourmet Produce - this is a honeypot for young chefs, the produce is limited but fabulous.


Darling Mills - Because they bag the watercress do great dressings and have the best Rocket ( get there early )


Fish Butchery - Fish Pies, snapper sausages


Holbrook Eggs


Block 11 Organics - check out their tomatoes


Mimosa Lamb


Vics Lamb - once a month get onto the email list ... a legend.

Kurrrawong Organics - fruit and Veg, the will be a queue.


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  1. This is great news! I love the Carriageworks markets. Can I just point out for less early risers that it is very possible to come to the markets by public transport? I live in Cronulla and bring a trolley for all my purchases as it is an easy 10 minute stroll from Redfern station – no parking or traffic issues involved

    1. Post
  2. How well you captured these really great markets – such a wonderful community – great place to shop, browse, eat, chat and wander – perfect Saturday morning!

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