Farmers Market – Moksa restaurant – Ubud – Bali

Images from the amazing Moksa Vegan Restaurant, Ubud, Bali. December 2017

Each Saturday and Tuesday in the grounds of Moksa restaurant - the post published on Monday - you will find a delightful Farmers Market.

Organic produce and artisanal goods sale from their gardens and other farmers, booth-style, live music, festive and productive. Every Tuesday and Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Produce is fresh organic and delicious.

Asia is not known for its bread, so to discover homemade grainy loaves was another surprise.

The market fits perfectly with the ethos of Moksa and its owners. They see the restaurant as an opportune “place of awakening”— individual healing, community consciousness, holistic awareness.

So BYO own bags, like a lot of other enterprises in Ubud, Moksa is plastic free.

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