Farewell Mexico – a last dance around Roma

Images shops and streets, Condesa, Mexico City, January 2017

This image above is one of the reasons I enjoyed the area's of Roma and La Condessa on the trip we did to Mexico City last year. The area is Hip but has these little holes in the wall with vignette after vignette of life just going on.

So this is farewell to Mexico until next time. It was one of the most underrated places I have ever visited. The people are lovely. The food surprising. The culture everywhere and accessible.

To be sure there are no go areas but there are no go areas in every big city. One of the best tips was to use Uber, this proved to be the most efficient way to get around. Our Airbnb was a big sunny rambling house with good WiFi and delightful hosts. Tourists seem to be thin on the ground. Honestly what more could you ask for.

Just go. It will not disappoint.

This another point of view..... Mexico City is massive, and like any massive city, it has less desirable areas to visit…just like any city for that matter.

Cities don’t operate without a strata of people in different economic situations, it’s an unfortunate truth of the urban model, but that’s how it works. For a city the size of El D.F. (How Mexicans refer to Mexico City), there is a surprisingly large middle and upper class as a majority of the country’s wealth is centered here.

You can basically draw a vertical line down the middle of the city, and for the most part, everything to the west is perfectly safe to walk around, stay in, enjoy, etc. The eastern side is a bit more iffy, but that being said, you’ll most likely be completely fine during the day time anywhere if you keep your wits about you.

Mexican people are extremely hospitable and friendly, and you’ll find people asking you if you need anything all the time, or at least lost!.


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  1. I’ve loved your posts on Mexico City, especially your exploration of La Condesa and La Roma, areas close to my heart. It seems we have been drawn to the same areas for exploration. And where I’ve missed out, I plan to visit in 6 weeks when I’m back there again. Perhaps you can be enticed to explore outside the capital on your next trip and I’d be happy to make some suggestions.

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  2. Have loved this Mexico City ride! Great blog stirring great memories— you’ve also got me yearning for a return visit!

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  3. Would go back tomorrow if I could. I loved Mexico City. So many positives, and virtually no negatives apart from my self inflicted lack of even a tiny bit of Spanish.

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