The fabulous Gaya Ceramics, Ubud, Bali

Images from Gaya Ceramics and Design, Ubud, Bali. A must visit for beautiful ceramics

Introducing the fabulous Gaya Ceramics in Ubud, Bali. This was a fabulous find, well for me, they have been in Ubud for 12 years apparently.

So who are they ...

Gaya Ceramic and Design has been shaped with patience and love in the harmonic atmosphere of Bali. Marcello Massoni and Michela Foppiani, both passionate ceramists, have come from Italy in 2002 to share their long experience with the skills and enthusiasm of a group of equally passionate people to establish a place where intuition and inspiration combine perfectly. From an outset of just a couple pairs of hands assisting Marcello and Michela, Gaya CAD has grown to about 80 employees, mostly coming from Sayan, the village where the company is located.

The majority of them were initiated in ceramics with the company’s internal training programs. The Gaya Ceramic team is a multicultural coexistence…. Balinese Hindu, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists are happy to share the same passion.

In 2010 the GAYA CERAMIC ARTS CENTER was developed as the educational branch of the production company. The two spaces coexist in an inspiring and supportive symbiosis that benefits all clients and employees simultaneously.

You can find there small retail store in the village of Sayan, if you know Ubud its on the same road as the Four Seasons...if not most drivers will know where to go.

Don't worry they ship...

You can also do workshops, two week intensive programs, continuous classes, weekly tutelage, private lessons and they also have an Artist in residency program.


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  1. Thanks Lorrie, fabulous! I kept reading mentions in Janet de Neefe’s Facebook posts but had not seen this terrific range. Thank you so much! I’ll be in Ubud in August for a friend’s birthday. I’ll be “events consultant”, this visit is definitely one for the list!

    1. I think you’ll love it Sandra, I’m sorry I didn’t find it early enough to do a workshop….Events consultant stay tuned I have a raft of new fabulous restaurants to try.x

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