Exotic plant sale – Botanic Gardens Nursery

Images of Exotic plants at Royal Botanic Garden Nursery. Sydney Botanic Gardens Nov 2018

On Saturday I went to this plant sale at the Royal Botanic Gardens, My friend Lindy ( we support each other through Abusive Pilates – this will have its own blog one day … possibly after we have finished therapy ) had mentioned she was going and I tagged along.

This was a treat, I had no longer stepped into the nursery when a friend of the Gardens appeared at my elbow, his name is Jean-Louis, he looks as exotic as some of the plants. But what a gem, what knowledge … he worked through my list of plants with sage advise and caution picking out the best possible plant. The cherry on the top tho was this … dry out a banana skin and stick it into your potted plants … it adds potassium he had other bits of advise but you’ll have to go to the Nursery yourself, he’s there every second Saturday.

Shop for a great range of native and exotic, rare, hard-to-find and endangered plants at the Growing Friends Nursery. The plants have been propagated by volunteers from the living collections in your Botanic Gardens: The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. Create your own Botanic Garden, shop today! Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens Members receive 20% off. Join online today and save!

For a list of plants sold at the Growing Friends Nursery click here. Please note that they are not all currently in stock. If you’re looking for a particular plant we recommend that you ask one of the volunteers in the nursery.

Monday – Friday 11am – 2pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm
From $5 per plant
Growing Friends Nursery
The Royal Botanic Garden Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney
Metered parking available on Mrs Macquaries Road outside the Growing Friends Nursery. Public transport recommended


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  1. Wow. that’s great advice, Lorrie G. I now have 6 peels strung up at Bondi. And thanks for your beautiful pix.

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  2. Thanks for that great tip! I’ve just dived into my compost bin and dragged out this morning’s banana peel and elegantly draped it over a chair on my balcony. In November I’m taking a group of Foundation & Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney for an Art & Gardens adventure through Tasmania. I’ve hired an artist and the tour host is a horticulturalist, so it should be fun and very interesting.

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