Review of Eve Lom’s Kiss mix for your lips

I mentioned last week when posting about lip lines that I would track down and try the Eve Lom Kiss Mix and give it a try.

I apply lip balm so often I probably should buy futures in this product. For years my go to has been Estee Lauder’s 8 Hour cream. Not a lip product but does the job, in my view very well.

The most luxe and a lovely product is the Rodin lip balm but its a bit pricey at $50 a pot.

Back to the Kiss Mix, this felt more like a treatment than – a daily hydrator product. It has a very strong menthol taste, your lips will be fresh and glowing in seconds.

I think I may go back to the * hour cream and use back ups like Burts Bees or Lucas Paw Paw Ointment…..when travelling as good an indicator as vegemite that you are close to another Australian.

Also a good lip treatment, not daily product Hydroskin’s Kakadu Plum

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  1. Careful with the Paw Paw ointment Laurie. I recently developed an allergy to it. Skin specialist Dr said she thought they may have changed the formulation recently as she has seen a spike in dermatitis that could be related (just a theory but I stopped the paw paw and dermatitis went away).

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