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Many moons a go when I lived in London, my dear friend EB worked for a literary agent, we were both a little in awe of her. For one thing she visited Eve Lom every week for a facial. This luxury was unimaginable to both of us. Now elements of that luxury are available over the counter and in Australia.

While I like to think of myself as incredibly low maintenance, I must admit I’m becoming a diva about my minimal skincare routine.

I’ve basically become addicted to their cleanser and the way it makes my skin feel. Don’t get me wrong, a product like this is a total luxury–so I only use it twice a week—but the Eve Lom dates I keep with myself in my bathroom are a ritual. Let me explain…

There’s a way you’re supposed to use this cleanser, which is why it comes with a linen cloth. First, you take a small scoop of the cleanser and rub it all over your face (in a circular motion). It will start to become white and almost soapy, but it’s pretty thick. Next, you run the cloth under hot water to soak it and then lay over your face for 5 seconds to steam your skin a bit. Rinse the cloth and then do this again.

After rinsing the second time, use the cloth to wash the rest of the cleanser off, again in circular motions, which will exfoliate the skin gently. Finally rinse the cloth with cold water and lay it over your face one last time. The cold water closes the pores (so I’m told) and you’re left with the softest skin on the planet.







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  1. Ah. So that is what you have doing in the bathroom ! Have not been aware of this particular ritual. But your skin indeed always looks fabulous and radiant. xo. Anon

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