Eva Longoria searching for Mexico – SBS


If you enjoyed Stanley Tucci's Searching for Italy...take a look at Eva Longoria searching for Mexico. The production costs for Eva's wardrobe would have been breathtaking.

1. Mexico City : Mexico City is one of the world's emerging food destinations, and it's also Eva Longoria's second home. Longoria takes us to some of her favorite eating spots, but in this constantly evolving city, there is always more to explore. View Details

2. Yucatan Air : In the jungles of Yucatan State, on the eastern edge of Mexico, Longoria explores the home of the ancient Maya, where a fierce pride in that ancestry still permeates every custom and dish, even in the most innovative kitchens. View Details

3. Oaxaca : Travelling to the mountains of Southern Mexico, Longoria discovers the hidden magic of Oaxaca that boasts some of the finest ingredients in Mexico, including chocolate, corn, tomatoes and the much-loved quesillo cheese. View Details

4. Nuevo Leon : Eva Longoria visits the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, bordering her home state of Texas. As little grows there, and with meat on every menu, inventive and resourceful chefs transform simple ingredients into culinary delights. View Details

5. Jalisco : Eva Longoria visits the state of Jalisco, where much of what is seen is quintessentially 'Mexican' originated. She also discovers that the state capital, Guadalajara, boasts some of the country's most cutting-edge restaurants. View Details

6. Veracruz :Eva Longoria explores Veracruz, the port gateway between Mexico and the rest of the world, and discovers that in its people remains a defiant spirit, still evident in their character, music, and the bold flavors of their food.

Beautifully produced and heartwarming throughout. Eva is the ideal host for this series, and thanks to this show we are already planning a trip to Mexico. In many ways it's as good and satisfying a series as Searching for Italy, which we love and have watched three times in its entirety. We are so hoping for another season of Searching for Mexico. There is much left to see.

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