Euroasia Cafe – Brighton Beach – New york

We headed out to Brighton beach in search of the – over the top – Russian restaurants and night clubs that are scattered down the boardwalk…places like Tatiana’s and Skovoroda. They are complete tourist traps but not exactly hopping in winter… On our way back to the subway we walked past Euroasia Cafe and poked our heads in.

The place was tiny and packed no English spoken. We got a table and just started pointing to dishes…the novelty of our presence wore off pretty quickly. Men,in large groups, who seemed to have settled in for the day , leaving the restaurant to resupply, smoke and then settleing back to drinking bottles of their interesting looking spirits – ignored us completely.

But the women who ran the restaurant embraced us and kept leaving little surprises for us to try… then sent us off with kisses and hugs like members of their extended family.

The food was delicious but had some heft……and dare I use that word “authentic”!

602 Brighton Beach Ave, Brighton Beach

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