Embraced your Grey Hair – try White Hot Hair

If you have embraced your head of Grey Hair , White Hot Hair might be the product you are looking for.

Jayne Mayled the founder of White Hot Hair who stopped dyeing her hair when it was ‘becoming harder and harder to do and not look like Paul McCartney.’ Five years ago, Jayne launched a luxury haircare brand when she couldn’t find the products she needed on the high street.

This from the Thats not my Age blog

Committed to promoting diversity and challenging clichés, the 60-year-old businesswoman recently ran a nationwide modelling campaign to find the face of White Hot Hair, for spring 2018. ‘I am passionate about changing the stereotypes surrounding ageing,’ she explains, ‘It’s not a choice between clinging or crumbling – for too long modelling has been the domain of the young but there are so many inspiring role models out there.’ Roisin O’Connor is the youngest White Hot Hair model at 41 Admitting that she was looking for women with a bit of a ‘mischief in their eyes’, Jayne and Team White Hot Hair set about casting models who were a good spread of age and hair types.

Finally narrowing it down to six gorgeous grey-haired customers; she describes her philosophy, ‘I wanted to focus on what women are feeling, what they’re achieving, rather than what they look like.

What they are like as people is more important than the colour of their hair.’ A fan of White Hot Hair’s Shoosing Creme, Thalia Demetriades (top photo) was persuaded to enter the modelling competition by her niece.

When we speak Thalia explains that after dyeing her hair for many years, she only found the courage to show off the silver in 2017, ‘I was diagnosed with cancer and so this time last year I lost my hair. When it started to grow back it was white and I loved it. I had a skinhead and it looked very rock and roll.’ Admitting that initially her family weren’t quite so keen, ‘It was probably down to the condition, they wanted the old Thalia back – wanted me to look the same as I did before,’ she was determined to persevere, ‘But I was a walking time bomb. Now I feel better, life is better – there’s more appreciation than before – and now my family love it, too.’ A firm advocate of positive ageing, Thalia dismisses traditional stereotypes about grey hair, ‘That looking older thing is a pile of nonsense, I’ve had so many positive comments. It’s been like a rebirth. I’m going to be 58 next week and I am proud of that.’


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  1. Thanks for another great blog on older women. These gorgeous women are fortunate to have really beautiful shades of grey. Not everyone is that lucky!

    I haven’t been able to find White Hot Hair products available in Oz but I have found this info on their website (which is not very encouraging). Lucky for me that I’m going to the UK in May this year so I’ll buy some products over there 🙂

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  2. Thanks Lorrie, so many inspiring role models. Rodney has been using No more yellow shampoo but this sounds good.

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