Do you embrace Garconne style

So what is Garconne style. In brief. A woman who emdodies a quietly assured, masculine-feminine style. So it’s french for tomboy.

The women above are early examples of Garconne style, some had shunned societal conventions of dress and behaviour and embraced an adventurous spirit in life and dress.

Today the new Garconne has a book written about her and a shop in lower Manhatten curated in the Garconne style called – surprise – Garconne.

She is not interested in the – get the look culture of fast fashion – but prefers the best version of any item.

I have gathered some images that tell the Garconne story.

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  1. These are interesting. It’s a look I love. But I am neither very young nor reed thin. I have breasts, for example. None of these clothes are for women with breasts. I also look at design for old/elderly women, usually American. These tend towards the wildly coloured, and rather bizarre and brazen outfits for the very rich.

    1. Post

      I agree about the tits…and the reed thin, I’ll try and put together some looks that reflect that. Also why why the clown look has taken off in some quarters confounds me.

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