Embrace Age, The New York Times tells how!

Here are some tips to embrace feeling older from The New York Times and others

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The realization that you are getting older can come in waves……This is how the article starts in The New York Times don’t be put off there are some wonderful tips to embrace a better quality of life as the years roll on….

“You watch movies and point to the actors, saying: “She’s dead. Oh, he’s dead, too.”

Your parents move to a retirement community they call God’s waiting room.

You hear more snap, crackle and pop in your joints than in your breakfast cereal.

In society, youthfulness is glorified and getting older is cast as something to avoid, but as your age increases, your quality of life does not necessarily have to decrease, experts said.”

Some of us have a few years to go but its always good to be prepared…….

“Studies show that people start feeling old in their 60s, and a Pew Research Center survey found that nearly 3,000 respondents said 68 was the average age at which old age begins.”

So here are some suggestions and thank you THE NEW YORK TIMES and here is another link that I love the sound of Disrupt Ageing


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