The elusive Earring Tree and Anon’s love of Lyrebirds

Lyrbird Earings Tree, April 2018

Lyrbird Earings Tree, April 2018

This is a happy story of two loves found and one problem solved. I have an ever expanding collection of earrings. I have found they make the perfect object to buy when travelling, I wear them and remember the place and memories of the destination.

The problem is … or was … I had them stored in individual little bags … so to find the ones I was looking for took an eternity and then there were the poor ones I’d forgotten about.

I was looking for a solution, something like this earring tree I found in Paris a few years back.

Image of an Earings Tree from Paris

Anon makes a habit of cruising the Lawson’s auction sites … looking for anything Lyrebird … He found these two Lyrebird earring trees … problem solved!

Lyrbird Earings Tree, April 2018

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  1. I know just the problem Lorrie. I use those little bags too and can never find the ones I want. Some I have forgotten about and even more, I have only one earring but can’t bring myself to throw them out.

    What a beautiful Lyrebird find!

  2. These were indeed a great little find … amazing what comes up on Dawson’s Auctions every now and then. I have been fascinated by Lyrebirds my whole life …. Often known as ‘mimic’ birds, they have an amazing capacity to copy just abut any sound they hear in the bush – including intrusive man-made sounds like lawnmowers or (sadly) chain saws.

    I will find a link to an amazing clip of a Lyrebird in full ‘mimic’ song when I can find it ….

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