Elizabeth Warren – American President in 2020

Elizabeth Warren builds expansive Democratic campaign effort ahead of likely American President 2020 bid, this from the Washington Post. I have posted about Elizabeth Warren before, I find her truly inspirational … you may wonder why the look to America at the moment, well, I feel we need to feel hopeful and for me that is looking to women who will make the difference. Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren are quietly working behind the scenes to move us back into a world I want to live in.

If politics are not your thing, read this anyway. This world will not change without your interest … then involvement.

At a town hall in Holyoke, Mass., on Sept. 29, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said she would “take a hard look at running for president,” after the midterms. (Elizabeth Warren)
By Matt Viser October 14

BOSTON — During the past six months, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has built a shadow war room designed to elect Democrats across the country in the midterm elections, overtaking some of the traditional duties of Democratic Party campaign committees and further positioning herself for an all-but-certain 2020 presidential bid.

Her effort, which goes far beyond the fundraising and endorsement speeches in which prospective presidential candidates typically engage, has encompassed work in all 50 states and close coordination with more than 150 campaigns. The result is a wide-ranging network that includes those running for state treasurer in Nevada, state legislature in Iowa and congressional offices across the country.

It is unmistakably aimed at some of the early-primary states that Warren would need to contest in a presidential campaign. She has deployed staffers to all four early primary states — two to New Hampshire and one each to Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada — as well as to traditional powerhouses such as Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“I feel the urgency of the moment nationally,” Warren said in an interview. “It’s two parts: It’s holding Donald Trump accountable for what he does. It’s also trying to push this country toward working better for hard-working families.”

The Warren effort, while beneficial to a presidential campaign she said she will “take a hard look” at after the midterms, also signals how decentralized the national Democratic Party has become as most of the energy is being generated by individuals who are building their own operations.

On the fundraising front alone, scores of Democrats have raised more than $1 million each in pursuit of House seats this year; in Texas, Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke pulled in more than $38 million in the most recent fundraising quarter.


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  1. She certainly looks the part, judging by this picture and she was highly impassioned in the video I watched in your feed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to rip the reins out of the hands of those greedy, power-hungry men and give some smart, forward-thinking women a chance. I hope we see a turn-around in politics for the better in our lifetime.

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