Election night party….I know I know

Paul Keating, Prime Minister of Australia, Federal Leader ALP, Sydney, 1993

Paul Keating, Prime Minister of Australia, Federal Leader ALP, Sydney, 1993

I’ve had a few election night parties, it combines so many things I love…friends, drink and politics. As I write this, surrounded by piles of lamb and lists, it feels like madness. I have added to that madness by making it a dress up…it sounded like a good idea at the time! Loosely based on Don’s party….thank god we don’t have a pool.

Anyway the year I photographed Keating for the cover of Rolling Stone, I decided to have an election night party. The location, my studio in the fabulous Silknit building on Mary Street Surry Hills.
The very place of the Keating shoot, the place he described as very bohemian????? also the place I lived with Anon and my female Abysinian cat called Ralph.

A lot of work goes into parties and this one was well advanced when I got a call from Time magazine asking if I would cover Keating on Election night at Bankstown…..things were too well advanced to call off the party so ….. so I left Anon to greet the guests and headed off to Bankstown..hoping I might make it back for a celebration/condolence drink.

So he wins the sweetest victory of all…and because I shot the cover of Rolling Stone ….and all his staffers are wearing T-shirts with my image on the front..Oblivious to copyright…I get asked if I would like to shoot the scenes in the green room. I get some very special moments on film and to clink glasses ( mine was soda water ) with the new Prime Minister.

A photographic history lesson….it was the era of film, the Time office was in Melbourne. The film had to get to them overnight. I spent the next few hours getting said ( unprocessed film, terrifying) on a plane to Melbourne.

I headed home to my party at 2am. To find what was left of my guests leg less and Anon in tears…he will cry win or loose.

I have added the link to the scene I witnessed in Bankstown, because I wouldn’t have missed that moment for anything.

Oh and if there isn’t a post tomorrow….forgive me, I might be still celebrating/consoling


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  1. A great story and what an image!

    Amanda and I have just finished watching Keating’s speech as suggested by Anon. Magical and inclusive words indeed.

    A vision for the future, unity and a sense of purpose rather than the cheap shots and pettifogging we’ve come to expect.

    Anon is not alone in missing Mr Keating.

  2. And was that a party to remember. Take the time to play the 12 minutes Keating speech of that night. And compare the language he uses, the thoughts he expresses, with pretty well every politician since, of whatever stripe.

    Magical inclusive words that have gone missing these past 20 years.

    I for one miss you you Mr Keating.

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