Eleanor Coppola – Directs first feature @ 80

Image by Chloe Aftel for Hollywood Reporter

They say it’s very important for young women to see women doing the jobs, achieving before they can imagine doing it themselves. I’m adjusting this idea for the post 50 with examples of 80 year olds doing
amazing things.

We obviously have time, dig out that one big scary project you’ve always wanted to do and get on with it.

This is the second 80 year old I have featured on this blog who ticked off a first @ 80.

Last week the wonderful Vanessa Redgrave this week Eleanor Coppola. You may remember the fabulous documentary she made called “Hearts of Darkness” about the making of her husband’s film “Apocalypse Now”

Eleanor’s film is called “Paris can Wait” click the links to see the trailer and read about the genesis of the film in the story from Hollywood Reporter.




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  1. I can’t wait to see “Paris Can Wait”. Not just because of how wonderful it is that these 80 year old women are still working, and creating, and contributing, But also because “Hearts of Darkness” – both the documentary and the journal / book – were extraordinary pieces of work in themselves set against the madness of Francis Ford Coppola’s creative obsessions with “Apocalypse Now”. How their marriage survived – I thought they had split many many years ago – is beyond me.

    Imagine the creative weight on the shoulders of the young writer and filmmaker Sophia Coppola !

    Strongly recommend getting your hands on both the doc and book “Hearts of Darkness”.

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