Elastic Generation – Female Edit – That’s us!

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This report is really not telling women over 50 what we don’t know … BUT hey we now have a label, The Elastic Generation – hope that isn’t a reference to the type of pant they think we wear – not happy with the NYT headline however “Instagram grandmas”, give it a break, however some of the women in this article have some good points.

A new report from the Innovation Group London explores the lifestyles and attitudes of British women aged between 53 and 72.

In the future, ageless living will become the norm for all of us, as continuing advances in longevity make extended healthy lives a reality. The women of the Elastic Generation are at the vanguard of this change, which is creating possibilities for brands to better meet their needs and support their ambitions.

Elastic Generation: The Female Edit, the newest report from The Innovation Group, is a follow-up to our 2015 report, which turned the spotlight on a much misunderstood group of people in their 50s and 60s (otherwise known as baby boomers) that we believed merited greater attention from brands. Increased longevity and unprecedented financial influence combined with a refusal to grow old the way their parents had, made them “a force to be reckoned with

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image of Jenny Kee by Georges Antoni

This from an article looking at this report in the New York times

“We are not going to be little old ladies sitting in a nursing home with blue-rinsed hair,” said Jenny Kee, @Jennykeeoz, a 71-year-old Australian artist and knitwear designer. “Or if we are going to be in a nursing home, we’ll be there with our marijuana, our health foods and our great sense of style.”

Ms. Kee ascribes the enthusiasm of girls in their teens and women in their early 20s to a wish-I’d-been-there mentality. Among her special champions, she said, is her 13-year-old granddaughter, an ardent fan of ’60s rock, especially the Beatles. “We lived in extraordinary times,” Ms. Kee said of the period when she came of age.

“These girls know that, they know what we lived through. They envy us.”


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  1. I will be 88 years young tomorrow August 26th. I am still preaching,conducting workshops and speaking publicly. I have Leather Line and a butterfly dress line. I love the info i have read today.

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