El Floridita, Havana, Cuba

This would be the ultimate tourist drinking spot in Havana. It is a rare day when there are no queues. We visited twice, New Years Eve our second visit was a wild wild night.

This must have been the end of a long cocktail drinking day…my only excuse for the blur in the shots…I could tell you it was for effect..capturing the energy but I would be b…s…ing!

The Nobel Prize-winning American writer Ernest Hemingway frequented the bar, which is at the end of Calle Obispo (Bishop Street), a short walk from the Hotel Ambos Mundos where Hemingway maintained a room from 1932–1939. Hemingway’s children also noted that in the early 1940s Hemingway and his wife “Mary” (Martha Gellhorn) continued to drive from their house outside Havana (Finca Vigía) to the Floridita for drinks.

The establishment today contains many noticeable memorabilia of the author, with photographs, a bust and, more recently (2003), a life-size bronze statue at the end of the bar near the wall, sculpted by the Cuban artist José Villa Soberón.

This is worth the queueing.

Of course Anon has the “real “Papa Hemingway Daiquiri recipe
and will be doing a post when he gets over his birthday celebrations…..


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