We are what we eat, thank you Maggie Beer

We are what we eat…we’ve read this for years but Maggie Beer’s new cookbook takes it to another level she has teamed up with Professor Ralph Martins, leading Alzheimer’s researcher to show us the foods to help prevent this and other lifestyle diseases.

This is the first Maggie Beer cookbook I have bought, although I do buy her wonderful products.

The science around food and how we can fight disease by eating right is constantly pushing the envelope. This book puts forward some compelling reasons to change your diet and lifestyle

Given the demographic of this blog, I thought some of the ideas were worth posting.

Risk factors for Alzheimer’s
Insulin resistance
High blood pressure
high LDL ( bad) and low HDL ( good) blood cholesterol levels


” From the clinical studies that have helped us detect Alzheimer’s at such early pre-symptomatic stages, we have learned that signs of oxidative stress, abnormal metabolism of glucose and fat, and chronic inflammation are already happening at the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease. These unhealthy changes are all now believed to increase our risk of developing the disease in the first place, as well as to accelerate the development of the disease, once the disease process has started. There is also plenty of evidence that changes in dietary habits can reduce these disease-causing problems. This is what this book explore.


Don’t peel root veggies or pumpkin

Cooking your sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin unpeeled helps to retain the nutrients and adds extra dietary fibre. The same applies to roasting vegetables, especially potatoes – keep the skin wherever possible, as thesis where many nutrients are founds.

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